In love with life

Every day it is a good  day to be in love with life, not just because every day is a good day to die, but because every day is a chance for learning and falling even more in love with the lucky experience of being part of this world.

No matter how hard up I may feel or be, looking up at the sky, day or night, is always an uplifiting experience that changes my mood, my vibration, my entire essence.

I write in the first person, simply because I can only talk about my own discoveries and hard-earned conquests.

However, many have walked this path before me, many will walk on it afterwards, I am, you are in good company:

Immanuel Kant (Critique of Practical Reason 1788)

Two things fill the heart with renewed and increasing awe and reverence the more often and the more steadily that they are meditated on: the starry skies above me and the moral law inside me.

I see the moral law as the Sanathana Dharma,सनातन धर्म, the eternal dharma, the root (from the Sanskrit dhr) that holds together both physical universe and human laws.  In this cosmic perception our human size is exalted and, at the same time, put in its correct place, since every human being is both a superhero and a particle of dust, in this struggle and tension resides our daily choice of gratitude and joy.


New cover! Nuova copertina!

The cover has changed, bu the links stay the same.

La copertina è cambiata, ma i link restano gli stessi.



Talking with Gods, Sages, Fairies….. a novel by Antonella Vicini


Parlare con Dei, Saggi, Fate…… un romanzo di Antonella Vicini


photo by Antonella Vicini

photo by Antonella Vicini

Foto di Antonella Vicini

Foto di Antonella Vicini


A message of wisdom

I am very happy to post here the latest message received from Joseph Rael, his words are always a source of inspiration and come from ancient wisdom:



Every struggle that we have is because we are really confronted with these different issues, because we are in this place, which – by the way- we chose to be here.  That’s why we were born. But we need to talk with someone who knows that there is a reason that we are here and the reason that we are going to live as long as we are going to live, and then we will pass on. We won’t be here anymore.

But in the meantime we have responsability for those who come to us asking for the reason we are here.  See, asking is not just asking, it has to do with a very deep spiritual concept. And that’s the idea of the manifestation of placement.  When you ask , you are placing a gift before someone, you see.

And so I place before you a gift because then you become the gift for all of us and everything else like animals, plants, oceans, rivers and everything. It’s another way of saying leaders, that’s their role. They manifest a sense of placement for the people, which means everything is in a state of being and vibration. And that being and vibration can only be ignited by the gift of the leadership that takes the step forward to bring the people into the dance, into the sound chambers. You were apparently chosen. You know, I just work here.

You are in a state of grace. In other words, that’s the highest level you can be when you are in a state of grace.  And so that place of grace is when lots of things can happen that are very positive. We are looking at the planet, oK?, with the whole planet, planet earth. It’s not just something that one individual is doing or a group of individuals is doing, but for all the people, to help all of the people to be blessed. So I thank you for blessing the people.

Joseph Rael  –  Beautiful Painted Arrow

Joseph Rael