A time for tales

It is a great pleasure to be among so many talented story tellers, so with some hesitation I share that I am finally opening the door to a new story.

None less than the Storyteller himself/herself/itself? Has decided to visit me with a story, while I was walking by the sea, I cannot yet share what the tale will be about, since I am just following the first scanty leads, but I can share the beauty of the new creation.  Writing daily is a great gift, especially after months of silence.

Wherever the story will lead me, there I will go. It sounds like the ancient promise made by Roman brides to their husbands to be, well yes, in a way writing is a marriage. I am engaged first to the intriguing idea, then I wholeheartedly marry the entire story, its characters, its plot and developments, until I and the story are one.

Then one day we both know it is finished, we will part ways, but the love will remain.

It is good to be in love again.

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