When the circle moves…..

Today I want to let my dear friend and mentor speak to you, his entire life has been dedicated to spirit, I am grateful to share his vision and latest video by Shamanzone with you:

Dear Antonella,

Speaking from the heart of the Great Mystery

Beautiful Painted Arrow offers us a gift…

Join our global community on September 7th, in lighting a fire for the purification of the waters of life.

“We really only live in one time. We don’t have a future and we don’t have a past. Everything is occurring simultaneously in one moment. And so, while the language that you are talking is your language, all of the realities are in you as well. And all the intelligence that ever was is in you. If you were the only one, and everyone else disappeared, we could recreate the cosmos.”

 “The Gift”


“When I talk about Native art and spirituality, and about the Tiwa world, I’m not talking about the traditional Tiwa that’s spoken at Picuris. Tiwa means when the crystallization of an idea fuses itself with awareness and then energy is coming from the upper planes down into the middle and to the lower planes, which is the place of the earth, then there is a purity and clarity that fuses itself with all of it, and it forms a point of light – and that’s what I’m talking about when I’m talking about Tiwa.

I’m not talking about the Tiwa of Picuris. I’m talking about the language of sound. When we talk in the English language, we use sound that’s the sound that I’m referring to. And we need schools now to teach people that the English language has in the pronunciation of the English language are all of the ancient mysteries.

All of the ancient mysteries are there. So you don’t really have to learn my language. You have your own language already. If you are German, you speak the first language is German, then it’s there. If you are Spanish, or Brazilian, or Swedish, whatever you are you are speaking the first language, the language of sound.”

~ Joseph Rael – Beautiful Painted Arrow



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