Filling our Vacation

Summer vacation is the perfect time for the noble art of Otia = time that is free of daily engagements, therefore empty time to be filled with artistic endevors of any kind.

Whether you are a reader or writer, artist or admirer of art, musician or player, this is a good time to fill your eyes with beauty, your ears with harmony, your nose with pleasant smells, your hands with delightful contacts.

When time is ours, when we have leisure on our schedule, this is a good moment to live our life like a work of art.

Many years ago I accompanied a friend of mine across Italy with a series of his worskhops called Life as Art, those lectures changed my perception of all artistic forms, making me part of the artwork and not separate from it.

Fredric Lehrman is still a wonderful mentor and workshop leader, as well as many more things, as you can discover at , I am forever grateful to him for this new perception of life.

Enjoy your vacation time filled with beauty!



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