Entering the picture

One day, without realizing it, she was inside the picture. No more descriptions or involved interpretations, now she was part of it, now it was part of her.

Sitting on the bench she had looked at for so long, she realized how her perspective had changed. Looking out at the sea, she could discern the many animals inhabiting it, the different people working and living by the shores, the smells and sounds of marine life.

Forgetting her concerns, fogetting her previous life, she walked closer to the edge and kept looking: it was just amazing, the colors were intense in the different light, everything seemed to shine with its own light.

Even the simplest task were laden with magic in this new environment, the whole place looked enchanted to her novice eyes.

Tentatively she took a step into the alluring liquid element, it felt cool and fresh, attractive and safe, so she stepped in.

Mindful of the ancient ones, she allowed herself to float on the pink waters, it was perfect!


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