Travelling with your imagination…..

Travelling sometimes can only happen with our imagination, whatever the reason the results can be just as amazing as real travel.

Some of the greatest stories of adventures were written by people who had never moved from home, they launched their minds (I believe their spirit) into space and came back with tales of amazing discoveries, of pirates and treasures, of explorations on far away planets…..

Sometimes travelling goes back in time to the origin of our human race and what was before, the mind is lost in front of the immensity of time and space, but this is the perfect place for spirit to launch its voyage, spread the wings and face the unknown.

The carrier will be a very thin and transparent  spaceship, our soul.

Spirit will guide us deep into the past or the future, or any direction we want to go, since time doesn’t exist, as my dear teacher Joseph always says.

If you want to know more about his vision, here is a link to his website, where you can find some of his videos, his books and art work,  have a great journey!



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