And they kept walking…..

They had been walking for so long that they had forgotten when the big migration had started, none of the elders remembered what they were doing before the walk, nor did their fathers and grandfathers.

But they kept walking, in spite of the heat, the different places, the products and the huge animals they encountered on the way.

One day they saw a shining in the distance, something different, they were happy for the river they were going to find, a place for rest and fun, there they could wash and drink.

After a few weeks they arrived closer to the shining, but they were surprised since it was much bigger than a river, they had seen a lake, so they imagined themselves splashing in water, drinking the cool waters.

One day they reached the top of a hill and looked down: the shining water was immense, it seemed to go on and on forever, it was almost sunset time, they prepared for the night. Just before going to sleep they saw the water and the sky lit up by intense colors that quickly disappeared, substituted by a soft dark night.

They were puzzled and curious, some were a little afraid, but there were many of them, so they felt safe,  after the dangers of the land, they knew they could face all that water.

The following morning the youngest ones rushed to the water, they didn’t wait, they were overexcited about their discoveries,  When they returned they told amazing stories of salted water, of floating on the water, of different animals moving in the water, as they could do on the earth.

In this way, perhaps, our ancestors discovered the seas,  and they kept walking…..


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