Since the most ancient times people have enjoyed telling and listening to stories, often they were real events that became more interesting with the added elements of poetic licence, even to “lie”…

In ancient Greek the word mythos simply meant story, but with the passing of time, when there was more distance between the stories and the current time, people saw myths differently. Since they were not related to their lives, the stories became larger than life, more exotic, set in a time and space different from everyday events.

So myths became part of ceremonies, often the telling of stories was an integral part of the ritual and/or initiation into the mysteries.

These are the links to a delightful story told in a very nice manner, the story of Cupid and Psyche, followed by a 4th video

I hope that you will enjoy it.        Part 1   Part 2      Part 3    Cesar Franck – PSYCHE AND EROS Pro Arte Symphony Orchestra ~ James Arthur Gardner conductor 


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