An Extraordinary Journey…..  #iTunes

The book is finally out in iTunes, hopefully soon also in amazon.

Writing the book was an amazing journey across the valleys and mountains of life. history, art and spirituality.

I never knew where the story was leading me, but every day I trusted that Spirit would show me the way and it did!

At the moment I am writing the Italian version of it, soon to be followed by more languages.

I want to thank again all the teachers and masters who showed me the way,  my students who keep me on it and teach me daily, the ancestors and the future generations, knowing that they both exist has  given me a place in the great genealogical tree of humankind.

Last and certainly not least, I want to thank Hagal and Isabel of Edizioni Terra del Sacro Bosco for their faith in my work, may this book bring joy to many.

Blessings on your reading!



Seeking Silence

The ancient stones echo my steps, quietly I try not to make any noise, to cancel out all noises from outside, except the soft moving song of the leaves in the breeze, the tender tweets of new-born birds, the purring of a stray cat, the rhythm of my breath.

Silence is so rare, when it happens it is mainly realized through its shattering via a sudden noise, when it is constant and habitual it soothes the ears and the soul.

In the deep silence of contemplation lies the joy of gratitude for life, of wonder for the beauty of creation, of simple yet so real happiness.

Perhaps this is what a hermit saint and mystic referred to in his poem:

 « Altissimu, onnipotente, bon Signore,

tue so’ le laude, la gloria e l’honore et onne benedictione.

Ad te solo, Altissimo, se konfàno et nullu homo ène dignu te mentovare.

Laudato sie, mi’ Signore, cum tucte le tue creature, spetialmente messor lo frate sole, lo qual’è iorno, et allumini noi per lui. Et ellu è bellu e radiante cum grande splendore, de te, Altissimo, porta significatione.

Laudato si’, mi’ Signore, per sora luna e le stelle, in celu l’ài formate clarite et pretiose et belle.

Laudato si’, mi’ Signore, per frate vento et per aere et nubilo et sereno et onne tempo, per lo quale a le tue creature dai sustentamento.

Laudato si’, mi’ Signore, per sor’aqua, la quale è multo utile et humile et pretiosa et casta.

Laudato si’, mi Signore, per frate focu, per lo quale ennallumini la nocte, et ello è bello et iocundo et robustoso et forte.

Laudato si’, mi’ Signore, per sora nostra matre terra, la quale ne sustenta et governa, et produce diversi fructi con coloriti flori et herba.

Laudato si’, mi’ Signore, per quelli ke perdonano per lo tuo amore, et sostengo infirmitate et tribulatione.

Beati quelli ke ‘l sosterrano in pace, ka da te, Altissimo, sirano incoronati.

Laudato si’ mi’ Signore per sora nostra morte corporale, da la quale nullu homo vivente pò skappare: guai a quelli ke morrano ne le peccata mortali; beati quelli ke trovarà ne le tue santissime voluntati, ka la morte secunda no ‘l farrà male.

Laudate et benedicete mi’ Signore’ et ringratiate et serviateli cum grande humilitate »

In ancient Italian, St. Francis of Assisi showed his gratitude for all aspects of life, his delight in nature and his peace with life and death.

Enjoy silence and its gifts….


Filling our Vacation

Summer vacation is the perfect time for the noble art of Otia = time that is free of daily engagements, therefore empty time to be filled with artistic endevors of any kind.

Whether you are a reader or writer, artist or admirer of art, musician or player, this is a good time to fill your eyes with beauty, your ears with harmony, your nose with pleasant smells, your hands with delightful contacts.

When time is ours, when we have leisure on our schedule, this is a good moment to live our life like a work of art.

Many years ago I accompanied a friend of mine across Italy with a series of his worskhops called Life as Art, those lectures changed my perception of all artistic forms, making me part of the artwork and not separate from it.

Fredric Lehrman is still a wonderful mentor and workshop leader, as well as many more things, as you can discover at , I am forever grateful to him for this new perception of life.

Enjoy your vacation time filled with beauty!



Sometimes expectations can be disillusions, especially if I set them too high.
Yet there are times when it is good to open to the events to come.
I cannot find a better poem to express this than the one below by Giacomo Leopardi.
He used the example of the day before the feast day, Saturday in the western culture, as a special time when expectation is even more precious than the actual events to happen on the following days.
It  often feels like this when we wait for our first day of holiday, when the empty space of vacation (from the Latin vacuus =empty) stretches alluringly in front of us, full of promises and delights.
Whether they will be fulfilled or not it doesn’t matter, the precious moments are already the pleasure we seek and can be savored as such.
Enjoy your time of waiting!
Il sabato del villaggio by Giacomo Leopardi
La donzelletta vien dalla campagna,
in sul calar del sole,
col suo fascio dell’erba; e reca in mano
un mazzolin di rose e di viole,
onde, siccome suole,
ornare ella si appresta
dimani, al dì di festa, il petto e il crine.
Siede con le vicine
su la scala a filar la vecchierella,
incontro là dove si perde il giorno;
e novellando vien del suo buon tempo,
quando ai dì della festa ella si ornava,
ed ancor sana e snella
solea danzar la sera intra di quei
ch’ebbe compagni dell’età più bella.
Già tutta l’aria imbruna,
torna azzurro il sereno, e tornan l’ombre
giù da’ colli e da’ tetti,
al biancheggiar della recente luna.
Or la squilla dà segno
della festa che viene;
ed a quel suon diresti
che il cor si riconforta.
I fanciulli gridando
su la piazzuola in frotta,
e qua e là saltando,
fanno un lieto romore:
e intanto riede alla sua parca mensa,
fischiando, il zappatore,
e seco pensa al dì del suo riposo.
Poi quando intorno è spenta ogni altra face,
e tutto l’altro tace,
odi il martel picchiare, odi la sega
del legnaiuol, che veglia
nella chiusa bottega alla lucerna,
e s’affretta, e s’adopra
di fornir l’opra anzi il chiarir dell’alba.
Questo di sette è il più gradito giorno,
pien di speme e di gioia:
diman tristezza e noia
recheran l’ore, ed al travaglio usato
ciascuno in suo pensier farà ritorno.
Garzoncello scherzoso,
cotesta età fiorita
è come un giorno d’allegrezza pieno,
giorno chiaro, sereno,
che precorre alla festa di tua vita.
Godi, fanciullo mio; stato soave,
stagion lieta è cotesta.
Altro dirti non vo’; ma la tua festa
ch’anco tardi a venir non ti sia grave.



Entering the picture

One day, without realizing it, she was inside the picture. No more descriptions or involved interpretations, now she was part of it, now it was part of her.

Sitting on the bench she had looked at for so long, she realized how her perspective had changed. Looking out at the sea, she could discern the many animals inhabiting it, the different people working and living by the shores, the smells and sounds of marine life.

Forgetting her concerns, fogetting her previous life, she walked closer to the edge and kept looking: it was just amazing, the colors were intense in the different light, everything seemed to shine with its own light.

Even the simplest task were laden with magic in this new environment, the whole place looked enchanted to her novice eyes.

Tentatively she took a step into the alluring liquid element, it felt cool and fresh, attractive and safe, so she stepped in.

Mindful of the ancient ones, she allowed herself to float on the pink waters, it was perfect!

Travelling with your imagination…..

Travelling sometimes can only happen with our imagination, whatever the reason the results can be just as amazing as real travel.

Some of the greatest stories of adventures were written by people who had never moved from home, they launched their minds (I believe their spirit) into space and came back with tales of amazing discoveries, of pirates and treasures, of explorations on far away planets…..

Sometimes travelling goes back in time to the origin of our human race and what was before, the mind is lost in front of the immensity of time and space, but this is the perfect place for spirit to launch its voyage, spread the wings and face the unknown.

The carrier will be a very thin and transparent  spaceship, our soul.

Spirit will guide us deep into the past or the future, or any direction we want to go, since time doesn’t exist, as my dear teacher Joseph always says.

If you want to know more about his vision, here is a link to his website, where you can find some of his videos, his books and art work,  have a great journey!


And they kept walking…..

They had been walking for so long that they had forgotten when the big migration had started, none of the elders remembered what they were doing before the walk, nor did their fathers and grandfathers.

But they kept walking, in spite of the heat, the different places, the products and the huge animals they encountered on the way.

One day they saw a shining in the distance, something different, they were happy for the river they were going to find, a place for rest and fun, there they could wash and drink.

After a few weeks they arrived closer to the shining, but they were surprised since it was much bigger than a river, they had seen a lake, so they imagined themselves splashing in water, drinking the cool waters.

One day they reached the top of a hill and looked down: the shining water was immense, it seemed to go on and on forever, it was almost sunset time, they prepared for the night. Just before going to sleep they saw the water and the sky lit up by intense colors that quickly disappeared, substituted by a soft dark night.

They were puzzled and curious, some were a little afraid, but there were many of them, so they felt safe,  after the dangers of the land, they knew they could face all that water.

The following morning the youngest ones rushed to the water, they didn’t wait, they were overexcited about their discoveries,  When they returned they told amazing stories of salted water, of floating on the water, of different animals moving in the water, as they could do on the earth.

In this way, perhaps, our ancestors discovered the seas,  and they kept walking…..